Happy New Year 2014


I never appreciate when people need special days to celebrate their happiness, be it a valentines day or a Father’s day. Do you really need a particular day to show your love or happiness! So, when it comes to the 1st January, I still wondered what’s so special about this day. Now, as usual I am in my office. I know you will call me a workaholic. But that’s fine! It’s quite long when I stopped bothering about what people are thinking about me. But anyway, now sitting at my office, I am flipping the pages of year 2013. The last 365 days of my life. Wow, it sounds very philosophical!

There was a good amount of struggle in the year 2013. Well, I know the struggling days are the learning days. But sometimes it becomes too burden that you feel frustrated and lonely. The new clients pressure, the payment issue from old clients, staff issue and so much more. Thanks to the overwhelming presence of my family, my sister Rashmi and my friend, who is now the director of Infoledge Solution, Dhiraj; I overcome those troubled days quite well.

Infoledge was a dream shared by me and a bunch of my friends. Busy schedule, personal life and lack of time, takes some of those quite away from the real dream but nevertheless I still consider them as a part of SFG, now registered as Infoledge. On September, 26 of this year; we finally got the Certificate of Incorporation. Dhiraj, joined us towards the end of the year and everything now looks very rosy and clear.

The year 2014 is going to be a year of hope. On this note, I wish all of you a happy and successful new year.

But before signing out, I still wonder do we need a special day to celebrate our happiness! May be not but I will definitely like to have a day in my life like 1st January, where I can look back at the year and thank everyone for being with me. Cheers.