Happy Mother’s Day


Recently I saw an amazing video on the social networking site, where a person has conducted a fake interview over Skype for people across the world. He offered a position where you need to work for 24/7, without any lunch break or any leaves; with a salary package of zero. Everyone is shocked beyond the limit but later he revealed that he is talking about Mother. She is the one who works for 24/7 a week without any salary. That was a pretty emotional video. But it made us realize how she stood for us in all our difficult times without giving a second thought. And what we gave her in return? Well, I can’t even remember anything pleasant about this. Strange!


Today on the occasion of Mother’s Day, let us do a little which will at least spread a smile on her face. This thought led me to another question. What my mother wants? I don’t know! Where as all I can remember that how she gifted me the exact thing that was there on my mind. She is a genius in deed. Now, coming back to my question again; I took my own time and find out a couple of things that I can do for my mom. It may not be true for all the mothers but it is true for most of the mothers for sure! Here I am sharing my ideas on what mother wants from us?


She does not want costly gift items or fashion products. All she wants is “quality time“. She would be happy beyond your expectation level, if you give her the share of respect she deserves.


I stay away from my mother’s place. So, it won’t be possible for me to do all the things that I am mentioning here. At the max, what I can do is talk with her over phone for longer hours without worrying about my telephone bill. But those who are lucky to have their mother’s presence by their side should do these things. Here I am listing out what I would have done, if I were staying with my mother.


Cook For Her – I would have bake a cake or made some cookies for her. Or may be I would have tried to let her stay out of the kitchen for the whole day by being in charge of the lunch and dinner. I know, I am not a brilliant cook but I am good with internet and that helps a lot. The website hungry happenings suggested the recipe for this beautiful cookie. I find it easy to do and impressive. My mom definitely will love this one.


I Love MOMSome other good looking dishes that I have bookmarked on Piccing are;



Help Her Doing the Household Works- I have noticed that my mom loves to decorate the home. She wants everything neat and tidy, everything on its own place; especially the kitchen section of the home. Surprise her most by cleaning the kitchen and making it look beautiful before she even woke up. Something like this will definitely make her happy.




Take Her Out – She knows you love her and you can make her believe stronger by taking her on a family vacation. But make sure, the places you choose must be one from her wish list. How to know that? That’s a task that you have to do on your own. I can only suggest some of the beautiful places like this;




Thanks Her – Remember that P&G ad.

I simply love the tag line used by this brand, “Thank You Mom”. We should thank our mom for being with us, supporting and love us unconditionally.

Thank you MomHappy Mother’s Day to all the mothers.