We turned 3 years old


Gul se lipti hui titli ko girakar dekho;

Aandhiyon tumne darkhton ko giraya hoga. – Kaif Bhopali

“Oh! Mighty Storm, you might have uprooted several giant size trees but I dare you to make a butterfly fell off from the flower with your force!”

That’s a very meaningful couplet. I heard this Ghazal several times over the last few years in the impeccable voice of late Jagjit Singh. At first I used to wonder how come the small and tiny butterfly faces the strong wind. Why the storm finds it difficult or impossible to make the butterfly fell of the flower but easier to uproot the huge tree? But with time, I find the answer by myself or should I say my experience gave me the answer to this question.

No matter how big or how strong you are, there is always a force stronger than you. You can turn the pages of history or even mythology to find numerous such characters who were strong and undefeatable but finally succumb to someone else’s pressure. A huge tree also holds a chance to be uprooted with a force of wind. Why? Because the bond between the soil on which it stands and its root are not strong enough! The soil is the need of the tree, not its love! Where as, the butterfly sits on the flower cause it loves to sit there.

The point emphasized here is, it is not the size but the strong love, the passion in what you do; will eventually overcome the strongest storms. This is what we believe at Infoledge. We are not big or strong but our passion towards serving our customers is strong enough to overcome any hurdle. No mighty storm can dare to make us fell off our duty. This belief makes us grow on our own.

We have completed three years. From a mere single client and single project; we came a long way. The three years taught us so many things and we don’t hesitate to accept the fact that we are still learning. We create a relationship of trust and integrity with the client by our undivided and passionate commitment to improve the quality. We at Infoledge constantly look out for the innovation. Our passion speaks about our work. Well, this reminds me another meaningful couplet of Ghalib.

“Ragon me daudte phirne ke hum nahi kayal,

Jab aankh hi se na tapka toh phir lahu kya hai?”

“Blood can’t impress me by merely running in the vein; it has to come out of eyes to impress me.”