2nd October!

I wish you all Happy Gandhi Jayanti and Happy Shastri Jayanti.

Oct-2If Gandhi is considered as an idol to the common man; Shastri is definitely a role model for our politicians. Unfortunately, both of them are ill treated by their respective community.


Off late, I found it a bizarre that most of people are only interested in talking about the controversial side of the father of nation. We are no more talking about his honesty, non-violence and self-control. We bend the facts and put the point of view that suits our argument. But my simple question to all the Gandhi haters are, do you really believe that this person has not done anything for the country? Simply because today you are incompetent of following his foot paths, you started ill mouthing about him? No man is perfect but that does not mean you only point out his negative traits. Stop spreading negativity and think if you can simply follow any one of his ideologies.


Lal Bahadur Shastri is a perfect role model for our politicians but again he has been completely forgotten by them. I think he is the last political leader who knew the meaning of self respect and ethic. When he was the Railway Minister of our country, he resigned from his ministry by taking moral responsibility of a train accident that took place during his tenure. I am sure half of the current politicians must be thinking of this as an act of stupidity.

Shastri once said that, “Judiciary in India holds a place of pride in the country and outside. At present, there is a tendency in our country to defy law and authority. If this were continued, it would be a bad day for India and would cut at the very roots of our nascent democracy. The rule of law should be respected so that the basic structure of our democracy is maintained and further strengthened.” Though he said it during pre-independence time but it holds true till date. Neither people nor politicians have a sense of respect for our judiciary system and authority.

Did They Get Their Share Of Respect?

One more thing which I feel bad about these two leaders that, they did not get their due respect! 2nd October is considered as the International Day of Non-Violence by UN General Assembly as a sign of respect for Mahatma Gandhi but he is never being considered for the Nobel Peace Prize. Similarly, Shastri died under mysterious circumstances but we did not pull enough threads to connect the dots and get a clear picture of what happened to him at Tashkent.

I hope people and our politicians learn a lot from these two leaders. And I also hope these two leaders will get their share of respect from their fellow countrymen.