The Krishna Trilogy


Book Name – The Aryavarta Chronicles Trilogy

Author- Krishna Udayasankar

Publisher – Hachette India

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My Rating- 4.5 out of 5


The Krishna Trilogy is a brilliant attempt to present the epic in a most distinguish yet realistic way.

First of all, I apologize to Krishna for addressing her creation “The Aryavarta Chronicles” with a new name “The Krishna Trilogy”. But as everyone knows, in India we always use the nick names for everything and every person whom we love. So, this is my love for the masterpiece that generates this name “The Krishna Trilogy” or may be “Govinda Trilogy” is a better name!

Today, while watching television I heard this line in some daily soap; which I would like to use here. It says; “Our Ancient education system was based on two things, “SHRUTI” (Hearing) and “SMRUTI” (Memory).” Which means, the epics when actually put into writing, a lot could have been slipped out of mind, a lot could have been added as per the story teller’s convenience. So, when Krishna Udayasankar wrote this story with a conviction which is far different from the traditional epic that we have grownup hearing; it gives us a new dimension to the whole story. Though, a lot of characters from the original epic have not been fully developed in this trilogy but why to complaint; it’s not Mahabharat after all! It’s The Aryavarta Chronicles.

It has a parallel plot which beautifully connects the dots from the original epic. The story telling, the characterization and the way the events are weaved into the story are simply mesmerizing. As an avid reader, I recommend this to all my friends who loves mythology, fiction and specially the contemporary-mythology.