Was it necessary to kill Ravana?- Part-II

First of all, I apologize all for taking this privilege of writing on behalf of my Grandfather. Well, a week back I wrote an article titled “Was it necessary to kill Ravana?” and at the end I leave that article with a question. A good number of my readers appreciate my point of view and also gave their answer to my question. However, I was not fully satisfied. Finally, I thought what it would have been the answer of my grand father Shri. Ramnath Satapathy for this question! And after some time, strangely I got an answer which satisfies me well! So, here I am writing his would be answer for my question. And again I apologize to all for being the unauthorized voice of such a great personality. From here onwards, I am using his words.


The question that has been asked by Nirlipta in his article is “Who need to be tamed; only the mind which generates negative thoughts or the person who has that mind and those thoughts?” The answer is very simple, kill the thoughts! That is what Lord Ram did when he find the negative thoughts in Sage Parshuram’s mind. Then why he killed Ravana? To answer this, I would like to ask you one counter question. How to kill, someone’s negativity?

In his incarnation of Vamana avatar, he killed the negativity of King Mahabali. (He is believed to be still alive and visited the earth during Onam festival). But he killed “Hiranyakashyap” and “Hiranyaksha” in his Narasimha avatar and Varaha avatar. So, what is that makes Parshuram and Mahabali differs from that of Hiranyakashyap, Hiranyaksha and Ravana?

The point is both Parshuram and Mahabali allows their liberator to tame and destroy their negative thoughts. They did it willingly! But in case of the other three; they stick to their ego and negativity till the end. That is the difference.

The moral of the story is; the negativity needs to be tamed and killed but to do that; one must accept his/her mistakes and allows the supreme Lord to kill their negative thoughts. On the other hand, if you don’t allow yourself to tame the negative thoughts, you will meet the same fate of Hiranyakashyap, Hiranyaksha or Ravana?

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