Happy Independence Day

The Independence Day is around the corner and there is a patriotic feel everywhere. Everyone suddenly felt a great sense of pride being an Indian. The social media posts are being loaded with patriotic messages and poetries. You feel good that the country has so many patriotic sons and daughters to serve her.

But wait; let me think again! Are we all patriotic? Am I a patriotic son of this country? What is the definition of a patriotic person?

Well, patriotism is a feeling; so everyone can express and define it differently. There can’t be an all inclusive definition for it. But I think, though an act can’t be considered as a benchmark of patriotism but there should be some acts that all patriotic people must adhere to!


I have discussed with some of my friends and get some unique definitions, each to their own. Some one said; the respect for the flag should be there. And he also explained how bad he felt, when a model wear a saree that is decorated with tri-color fashion. Well, I genuinely feel good that, people have that much respect for their flag. I curiously asked if he felt the same emotion when people don’t stand when the National Anthem is being played! To my surprise; he said that honestly, he doesn’t think “Jana Gana Mana…” should be our national anthem. There after he explained me why it is so! Now, I wonder what is more important; your thoughts about the anthem or the fact that; this is our National Anthem which deserves respect.

Another friend of mine told me that he is very patriotic about our country and he respects the traditions of our country. And then I asked him, what he thinks about Mahatma Gandhi? Again, the answer took me into surprise. I don’t like him. And he went on adding few abuses of his own choice. Finally he said; I respect Nathuram Godse a lot! WOW! I simply asked him if he knows that he is disrespecting the father of his own nation and still thinks he is a patriotic man. Then I recall; he is one of those guys who wrote a strong FB status message about how bad he felt that a lot of people attended Yakub Memon’s funeral, a person who has been punished by the honorable Supreme Court of India. And then he called them all unpatriotic! I wonder, what makes him think that he is different from those people when all he did is; disrespect the Father of Nation and praised the one who has been punished by the same honorable Supreme Court of India. I mean, is the definition of patriotism changes according to your convenience?

What I simply mean to say is; you have all the rights to criticize your country, its rules, philosophies and traditions. But you dare not show disrespect towards them. It is absolutely fine that you think the national anthem should be changed or Mahatma Gandhi should not be called as Father of Nation; but you have no rights to disrespect these things as long as they are holding Nation’s pride and status.

What would you call a person, who says I will burn the Indian Flag because I don’t think Ashoka Chakra should be there in the flag, as it has the King Ashoka’s name, who is responsible for the Great Kalinga War? You will call him a fool or unpatriotic? The same applies to all of you, who thinks your believe about the National Anthem or about the Father of Nation is more correct than others.

Now coming again to the basic question, Am I a patriotic?

I am a law abiding citizen but I follow the rules because there is a penalty if I don’t follow them. I don’t follow them simply because I am an Indian. Its FEAR not PATRIOTISM.

I do good things for the benefit of my country; like I vote for the right candidate in the election, I complaint to the respective authority if I found any Govt. officials involved in corruption, etc. However, I only do all these things when my time permits me. I never go out of my way to help the system. Even, I did not vote a couple of elections as I was far away from my hometown!

There are so many things I consider to make me feel that I am a patriotic person but every time I concluded that my so called acts of patriotism are not a pure act of patriotism. Either it was because of fear of the law or sometimes it was meant to make the whole world see how good I am; but none of them are direct result of my patriotism towards the country.

So, I can say that I am a Seasonal Patriotic. I think of this word “Seasonal Patriotic”; just to save my EGO! But in a much simpler term, I admit that I am NOT A PATRIOTIC PERSON. Though, I am improving myself.

This Independence day, I simply request all of you to form your definition of patriotism and judge yourself. If you think, you are a patriotic person then you are! But if you think, you are falling below the standard of being a patriotic person; improve yourself.



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