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How responsible are you on Social Media?

Yesterday, I put a random post on my FB wall, where I requested my friends to educate me on net neutrality issue. I got quiet a good response; we debate; we argued; we discussed and it went really well. I … Continue reading

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Happy Infoledge Day

On 26th Sept. 2013; I wrote that, it’s a new beginning. It was a step towards change, a step towards improvement and a step towards success. Two more years passed by since we get our certificate of incorporation. In this … Continue reading

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काली अंधियारी रात थी; आसमान मे चाँद नही था; आमावास की रात थी शायद! सड़कों पे बिजली के पुल तो थे, पर उसमे बत्ती गुल थी; लगता था, जैसे किसी शरारती बच्चे ने पत्थर फेंक उसे तोड़ दिया था! हाथ … Continue reading

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Why Ganesha Wrote Mahabharata?

Mythology always generates a curiosity among all the masses. Some accept the mythology as the stories designed to keep our moral alive. Some others consider them as a part of history; where they believe the events are actually took place. … Continue reading

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