Why Ganesha Wrote Mahabharata?

Mythology always generates a curiosity among all the masses. Some accept the mythology as the stories designed to keep our moral alive. Some others consider them as a part of history; where they believe the events are actually took place. I am not expert on this, so I can’t be sure of either of these theories. I dedicate my knowledge of mythology to my parents and grand-parents who told me those stories which some how become a part of my identity. Later books also contributed a lot to this.

Now, let me tell you a mythological story that I heard in my younger days. When the great sage Vyasa decided to write the epic JAYA (better known as MAHABHARATA); he requested Lord Ganesha to wrote down the epic on his dictation. But Ganesha said, he was really busy and does not have the leisure to spend numerous days while you are taking your time to make the verses look more beautiful. So, I will pen down the epic on a condition. The condition is; you have to dictate it without taking any pause during the recitation of your verses. Now, it put the sage in a difficult spot. It is not an easy task to create the verses without taking any pauses! The intelligent sage put a counter condition to the elephant headed God. Vyasa said, “I will continue dictating the verses without taking any pauses but you have to make sure that you properly understand each of the verses that come out of my mouth”! Ganesha agreed to it. And from there they started penning down the epic.


After years when I visit this particular story, I come across several questions.

Why someone of Vyasa’s caliber need anyone to write for him?

Why did Ganesha and Vyasa put such conditions?

So, I tried to reconstruct the story in my mind. May be this would have been a better explanation to the original story.

When Vyasa decided to write the epic, he needed an editor to check out his works. Though, he is an expert of words still an editor is a must for all the writings. That’s why he must have summoned Ganesha. Being the most intelligent among all, Ganesha knew that the human mind is very fickle! If you give someone a good time to think over he/she can manipulate the words just to suit the most popular view point or his own view point. And Ganesha wanted the epic to be written in a way it happened and not from Vyasa’s point of view of that epic. The great sage agreed to it and in return he must have requested Ganesha that, it is his duty to make sure that the verses delivers the correct message to the masses. They should not be misused by others to suit their needs. And that is how the epic comes into existence.

PS: I would like to thank Sunil Mane who draw the painting of Lord Ganesha, that I have used here.


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