Memories from Gopinathpur

Memories from Gopinathpur

Again it is an old memory from one of my visits to my Nanihaal!

I was at Gopinathpur along with some of my cousins. We are having a great time over there. In one such afternoon, I find one of my school magazines in my Grandfather’s book shelf. I was browsing through the magazine and was updating my cousins about my great school. In the magazine, all the teachers’ names were mentioned at one place. I let my cousins know about my teachers and their characters (definitely none of those characteristics were in good taste). We the boys of the school used to discuss our teachers by using pet names for them and by avoiding the real names. Though we are not the one who coined those pet names for the teachers but we are simply carrying forward that legacy of name calling for the next generation. So, while introducing the teachers I shared the pet names with my cousins. They find it very funny. They encouraged me to tell more of such things. To give them more insight, I take the pen and write down the “pet names” of each teacher against their real names on the magazine. Some of the famous “pet names” that we used for our teachers are; Kapil Dev, Villain, Penguin, Garden Lizard etc. We had a great afternoon.

But as they say, the good and bad things are always comes to you in a cyclic manner. After such a great afternoon comes the tragic evening! My grandfather comes across that page of the magazine where I wrote down my teachers “pet names” in such a prestigious way. Well, the rest of the story is a censored part. I don’t want to let my readers know what kind of emotions I went through in that evening.

After that evening, I realized it is so wrong to label people with such derogatory names. Though, I never mentioned this incident to any of my friends but I tried my best to avoid using such names for my teachers through out my school days.

After so many years; today I come across this weird situation which reminds me this old chapter of my life. I was browsing through social media pages and as usual I come across some political debate. There I find people and even leaders from different parties are using same sort of name calling practice for the leaders and followers from other parties. Some of those names are; “Feku”, “Pappu”, “Bhakts”, “AAPtards”, etc.

I wonder what my grandfather would have said for such a thing in national politics; immature people or intolerant society.


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