Moment of Enlightenment

Like Rishi in Jhankar Beats; each one of us has his/her own moment of enlightenment that comes from taxi drivers, auto drivers, beggars, road side vendors and strangers. Here is my moment of enlightenment. 

My Experience

I was on my way to Thane, along with my aunt and sister. It was a 30-40 minutes journey, so we were casually chit-chatting about the recent socio-political issues. I was telling her about Aamir Khan’s statement on intolerance is so uncalled for! And how stupid it is of the people to discuss Aamir Khan’s personal life rather than the issue! After a few minutes of discussion, the auto driver who was listening to our conversation asked a simple question.

Sir, what is this intolerance?


My sister explained the meaning of intolerance to him in hindi. After listening to her, he asked if the people meant that we should be tolerant to everything! And then he uttered a single line in Hindi, “Har koi tolerant ho jata toh hamen koi Bhagat Singh ya Subhash Bose kabhi nahi milte”! (If everyone becomes tolerant, we would have never got someone like Bhagat Singh or Subhash Bose).

There he strikes! I was wondering; what intellectual this auto driver was having! And I always thought education is the basic of all intelligence and intellectual thing. Huh!