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Army, an Attitude

  It was May, 1999; when some Pakistani troop infiltrated the LOC. After a brave fight by the Indian Army, we finally kicked out the Pakistani intruders. Later, the day 26th July has been marked as Kargil Vijay Diwas. Today, … Continue reading

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Shiva, the destroyer yet the preserver

Shiva and Parvati married on this day, the day of Maha Shivratri. Devotees on this day observe fast, visit temple and follow all sort of rituals to get the blessings of Mahadeva. On this day, I did what I am … Continue reading

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I know earth is not meant for souls as precious as you

बहुत दिनों से कुछ लिखना चाहता था तुम पे; तुम्हारे यादों के फूलों को संजोना चाहता था; कभी लफ़्ज़ों ने साथ नहीं दिया तो कभी जज्बातों ने. आज भी हाथ काँप रहे हैं, लफ्ज़ भाग रहे हैं; जाने क्यों अब … Continue reading

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Moment of Enlightenment

Like Rishi in Jhankar Beats; each one of us has his/her own moment of enlightenment that comes from taxi drivers, auto drivers, beggars, road side vendors and strangers. Here is my moment of enlightenment.  My Experience I was on my … Continue reading

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Memories from Gopinathpur

Again it is an old memory from one of my visits to my Nanihaal! I was at Gopinathpur along with some of my cousins. We are having a great time over there. In one such afternoon, I find one of … Continue reading

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How responsible are you on Social Media?

Yesterday, I put a random post on my FB wall, where I requested my friends to educate me on net neutrality issue. I got quiet a good response; we debate; we argued; we discussed and it went really well. I … Continue reading

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Happy Infoledge Day

On 26th Sept. 2013; I wrote that, it’s a new beginning. It was a step towards change, a step towards improvement and a step towards success. Two more years passed by since we get our certificate of incorporation. In this … Continue reading

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