Happy Infoledge Day

On 26th Sept. 2013; I wrote that, it’s a new beginning. It was a step towards change, a step towards improvement and a step towards success.

Two more years passed by since we get our certificate of incorporation. In this period, we learn how to walk and like any other kid, we too fall and stumbled a lot of time. But the important thing is; we never give up; we are still learning, we are still falling down and we are still taking another step.


Today, while celebrating the current position; I remember the old days, my DGSL days. Those who don’t know, DGSL is my first learning institute in Mumbai. The company where we worked for around a period of 5 years! In those days, a few colleagues from our work group used to sit together and discuss our future. And during some snack time conversation, we nurtured the idea of forming a company. We were around 8 of us, who wanted to make it big. Even though most of them could not join us our organization officially; I know their wishes and supports are always there which helps us to overcome any problems.

It is not possible to list all the names of our well wishers in this article but if I won’t thank some of them then I would consider myself ungrateful.

I would like to thank (particularly in no order)

Ajay Nathial – My Mentor and the source of Inspiration.

Rashmita Padhy – My Sister and the source of my faith & belief in myself.

My Family and Dhiraj’s Family – Our support system.

Deepak, Ashwini, Ramya, Chandrakant, Nandini and Mamta – The initial SFG Group.

Aashish, Rupali and Shweta – Our dedicated employees.

I would also like to thanks Dhiraj and myself for our courage and belief in making it big.

There are also other people who knowingly and unknowingly encouraged us with their words and acts. I thanks to each one of you.

Friends, the journey has just started now. The kid is still learning to walk. We need your blessing, support and guidance for a healthy future of this kid. I am sure; the kid will make you all proud by running the races and winning them all.

Love you all,



86,400 seconds of Positivism

The Story

Once upon a time, there was a King. He was suffering from some rare health issue, though it was nothing serious, he wanted to get rid of it. But there was no medicine for that health problem. Fed up with his doctor and other specialists, he announced that if no body can cure him then all the doctors of the state will get death punishment. Everyone was horrified. There was a very old doctor, who come forward and claimed that he can cure the King. He gave some oil to the King to massage. And he said; you need to follow a set of instructions while using this oil, only then it will cure you. One instruction in the list mentioned that, “You are not supposed to think about Tiger, Lion or any wild animal while using this oil.” The King was more than happy to follow the instructions. But when ever he was about to use the oil, he goes through the instructions and always remember Tiger and Lion. He never succeeded in not remembering the forbidden words! So, he decided to discontinue the treatment without giving punishment to any of the doctors.

Moral of the story is, when we are being told not to do something, we forcefully end up doing that! And that is what exactly happened with me during this challenge period.

My Prayaas

When Infoledgesolution nominated me for this wonderful challenge Prayaas, I was very much excited. For me, it was not a big deal. I mean, I only need to avoid negativity for 24 hours. Pretty easy! But, I was wrong. After repeated attempts, I realized that in the 24 hour span, at least a single negative thought comes to my mind. As the days passed by, I become more and more anxious. Suddenly, I feel that it is not 24 hour challenge but it is 86,400 seconds challenge!

My Success Mantra

I fear the time was not correct. In this time period, I was very much under pressure; client issue, finance problem, business hurdles, etc. But then, I realized its futile blaming anyone. It is only me, who is allowing the negative thoughts to my mind. Just like we choose our food, we choose our thoughts. So, why can’t we have a healthy diet?

After the initial hiccup, I decided to draw a new plan of action. To begin with, I rephrase the challenge. It is no more about avoiding negativity for 24 hours but it becomes being positive for 24 hours. Though, there is no big difference in these two lines but it worked brilliantly. I taste the success soon after that! If you too want to make this challenge successful, use this tip. It will work for sure.



Friends who have been nominated by InfoledgeSolution along with me and the ones to whom I will nominate, if you are finding this challenge difficult, read the above quote again. If it does not CHALLENGE you, it won’t change you.

All the Best.


PRAYAAS“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” – Mahatma Gandhi

Hello Everyone,

When Mahatma Gandhi quoted the above words, he was referring to three aspects of cleanliness to obtain God’s blessing; a clean body, a clean mind and a clean surrounding. Though, people adopt the clean body aspect of it, but neglect the other two important aspects. Thanks to our Prime Minister’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan; people seem to be pretty much aware and charged up to clean the surroundings. But still there is one more aspect of cleanliness that needs to be taken care of; that is Cleanliness of mind!

What is a Clean Mind?

 A clean mind means a positive mind which is free from any kind of negativities. It is difficult to define the word “negativity” in general; as it depends on the perception of an individual. So, how to define negativity? Let’s read out the below points, which will help you to define the word “Negativity” according to your point of view.

  1. Saying “NO” does not mean negativity. It is all about the end result. If you think, saying “NO” to a particular deed will generate an output which is meant of greater benefit; you should go ahead with that. But if you are saying no; just because you did not like a particular thing or the person who is saying it; well you might need to check your thoughts again.
  1. Supporting a leader, a star, a sports person is definitely good but when you start abusing or spreading negativity about the competitor of your idol; you are going down. An age old phrase might help you to understand what I am saying; “Follow the personality; not the person”.
  1. Negativity does not mean harming anyone! No one might be harmed of your negative thoughts but definitely something called “the virtue” that resides inside you; is killed when you allow a negative thought to grow in your mind.
  1. Some might argue that, telling a hard truth which is negative in nature, does not count as spreading negativity. For me, it is a negative one. As everyone knows, the meaning of half filled glass and half empty glass are same; but the way you say it makes the difference. I hope, our news agencies believe in this philosophy and start to spread the news accordingly.

This is not an inclusive list and you can add your own parameters in defining the word “Negativity”.

The Initiative

Infoledge Solution Pvt. Ltd. has started a small initiative called “Prayaas”. The intention behind this initiative is to spread positive vibes as far as possible. So, how to do it?

  1. Control your mind for 24 hours. Make sure that, no negative thoughts even put their shadows on your mind! It is not an easy thing to do but definitely it is not impossible.
  1. In case, during this 24-hour phrase, a negative thought enters in your mind; identify the same and start your timer again for the next 24-hours. In short, it might take couple of days to complete your 24-hour free of negativity challenge! Don’t lose your heart and keep trying.
  1. Once you win over your mind for 24-hours; share your story on social media platforms (Facebook or Twitter) and nominate at least five of your friends to face this challenge.
  1. When you share your story of positive mind, make sure to tag the person who nominated you. Also keep a track on your friends to whom you have nominated for the task.
  1. Keep the chain going and spread the positivism.
  1. Though, the challenge is only for 24-hours; you are more than welcome to win over your mind over multiple days, weeks or months.


Prayaas, which literally means “TRY”, is a step towards positive India. Come join your hands to make this a successful Prayaas.

PS: Special Thanks To Miss. Rashmita for editing this article.

We turned 3 years old


Gul se lipti hui titli ko girakar dekho;

Aandhiyon tumne darkhton ko giraya hoga. – Kaif Bhopali

“Oh! Mighty Storm, you might have uprooted several giant size trees but I dare you to make a butterfly fell off from the flower with your force!”

That’s a very meaningful couplet. I heard this Ghazal several times over the last few years in the impeccable voice of late Jagjit Singh. At first I used to wonder how come the small and tiny butterfly faces the strong wind. Why the storm finds it difficult or impossible to make the butterfly fell of the flower but easier to uproot the huge tree? But with time, I find the answer by myself or should I say my experience gave me the answer to this question.

No matter how big or how strong you are, there is always a force stronger than you. You can turn the pages of history or even mythology to find numerous such characters who were strong and undefeatable but finally succumb to someone else’s pressure. A huge tree also holds a chance to be uprooted with a force of wind. Why? Because the bond between the soil on which it stands and its root are not strong enough! The soil is the need of the tree, not its love! Where as, the butterfly sits on the flower cause it loves to sit there.

The point emphasized here is, it is not the size but the strong love, the passion in what you do; will eventually overcome the strongest storms. This is what we believe at Infoledge. We are not big or strong but our passion towards serving our customers is strong enough to overcome any hurdle. No mighty storm can dare to make us fell off our duty. This belief makes us grow on our own.

We have completed three years. From a mere single client and single project; we came a long way. The three years taught us so many things and we don’t hesitate to accept the fact that we are still learning. We create a relationship of trust and integrity with the client by our undivided and passionate commitment to improve the quality. We at Infoledge constantly look out for the innovation. Our passion speaks about our work. Well, this reminds me another meaningful couplet of Ghalib.

“Ragon me daudte phirne ke hum nahi kayal,

Jab aankh hi se na tapka toh phir lahu kya hai?”

“Blood can’t impress me by merely running in the vein; it has to come out of eyes to impress me.”

Happy New Year 2014


I never appreciate when people need special days to celebrate their happiness, be it a valentines day or a Father’s day. Do you really need a particular day to show your love or happiness! So, when it comes to the 1st January, I still wondered what’s so special about this day. Now, as usual I am in my office. I know you will call me a workaholic. But that’s fine! It’s quite long when I stopped bothering about what people are thinking about me. But anyway, now sitting at my office, I am flipping the pages of year 2013. The last 365 days of my life. Wow, it sounds very philosophical!

There was a good amount of struggle in the year 2013. Well, I know the struggling days are the learning days. But sometimes it becomes too burden that you feel frustrated and lonely. The new clients pressure, the payment issue from old clients, staff issue and so much more. Thanks to the overwhelming presence of my family, my sister Rashmi and my friend, who is now the director of Infoledge Solution, Dhiraj; I overcome those troubled days quite well.

Infoledge was a dream shared by me and a bunch of my friends. Busy schedule, personal life and lack of time, takes some of those quite away from the real dream but nevertheless I still consider them as a part of SFG, now registered as Infoledge. On September, 26 of this year; we finally got the Certificate of Incorporation. Dhiraj, joined us towards the end of the year and everything now looks very rosy and clear.

The year 2014 is going to be a year of hope. On this note, I wish all of you a happy and successful new year.

But before signing out, I still wonder do we need a special day to celebrate our happiness! May be not but I will definitely like to have a day in my life like 1st January, where I can look back at the year and thank everyone for being with me. Cheers.

A new beginning


Change is very much needed when you want to progress, when you want to improve and when you want to achieve the perfection. I know change is tough, it is not easy but if you don’t change your way of thinking for a better tomorrow, than you might stink just like an overused pair of socks! So, change is necessary. We strongly believe in this. Two years back, when we started this small setup, we were not sure if we can survive even for a year! We were not sure, if we are fit to fight in this cut throat competitive market. But we were pretty sure with one thing, if we want to be success; we need to keep ourselves reinvent again and again! That’s what we did today. After two years of struggle, we take a step towards change, a step towards improvement and a step towards success. We registered ourselves as a corporate house. We get the certificate of incorporation. We got a new name for us, “Infoledge Solution Private Limited.”

Today, some of my friends asked me, why you think of the change after two years of time? Well, I must say we are a little late! But at the same time we don’t regret the late, this two year period taught us a lot of thing. We become more matured, more professional and a little smarter! Honestly, the registration process was due since long time. We were trying all sorts of things but sometimes we run short of time & resource and some other time we are simply got delayed because of some situations that are out of our control. Never mind, better late than never; finally we are here with a new name and a new avatar. But this is just the beginning, now a lot of things need to be done. Now, we need to be more active, more alert and most importantly we need to present ourselves as a role model for others.

On this grand day, I would like to thank God, my family, my friends and everyone who is associated with this corporation at any point of time. I don’t want to disrespect anyone by saying “thank you” for their whole hearty support. But I would like to let each one of them know that I owe them a lot; I owe them something which can’t be measured, which can’t be counted and which can never be paid back!